Auto Insurance in Plainview: What Questions Should I Ask My Auto Insurance Rep?

We all have auto insurance for our vehicles, but do you really understand what you are getting from that insurance policy? Are you sure that you have the right amount of coverage for where you live in Plainview, Mineola, East Meadow, Huntington, Rockville Centre, Williston Park, and the surrounding areas? There are important questions that you should be asking your Haller-Zaremba Insurance Agency agent, and we will go through some of them.

Auto Insurance in Plainview, East Meadow, Huntington, Rockville CentreOne of the most important questions to ask your insurance agent is “what is covered if your vehicle gets into an accident or gets damaged?” Remember that the liability portion of your auto insurance policy covers damage to the other vehicles or property if you cause the accident. However, if you would like your vehicle repaired as well, you will need collision coverage for accident-related damage to your vehicle, as well as comprehensive coverage for non-accident issues, such as theft or a fallen tree branch.

The second question to ask is “What expenses will I have to pay “out-of-pocket”?” This will depend on your deductible, the limits that your auto insurance policy has, as well as the specific circumstances of the incident. You should also be aware of the situation where you were not at fault for an accident, but the other driver does not have insurance or adequate insurance or limits to cover the damages.  In this instance, you will want to have uninsured/underinsured coverage to cover the extent that the other driver’s insurance could not.

The next question to ask your agent is “what happens if you are in an accident and someone is injured or even dies?” In these unfortunate scenarios, bodily injury coverage from the liability portion of your insurance policy comes into play.  Bodily Injury coverage can cover the medical expenses of the injured person, as well as possible lost wages.

This also brings us to one of the most important questions “Am I getting all of the discounts and savings available to me?” Your driving record, defensive driving courses, the safety, and anti-theft equipment in your vehicle, as well as other policies you have with that carrier, are some of the factors that can make your policy much more affordable.  It is also important to have a conversation with your insurance agent so they know what discounts can be applied to your policy.

Finally, be sure to ask about any other insurance options that you might benefit from beyond the standard coverages. Whether you live in Plainview, Mineola, East Meadow, Huntington, Rockville Centre, Williston Park, and the surrounding areas your Haller-Zaremba Insurance Agency agent can work with you to ensure you are fully covered.

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