Restaurant Insurance, Tavern Insurance, and Bar Insurance for Williston Park, New York, and New York State

Our agents at Haller-Zaremba understand what it takes to insure a very important investment. Restaurants, taverns, diners and bars in New York must have the proper insurance to open their doors and stay in business. Request a call today to find out how we can help out your business.


Get the right small business insurance for your restaurant

Lawsuits abound in the restaurant industry and each business needs to have the right insurance to protect themselves. Our team members at Haller-Zaremba Insurance Agency work with you to make sure you have the appropriate small business insurance for your restaurant, tavern, diner, bar or any type of establishment that sells food and has people coming in to sit and enjoy a meal or just pick one up to go.

Every restaurant in New York needs a business owner’s policy.

This business owner’s policy combines general liability, property and liability and workers’ compensation. Commercial auto insurance is also needed if your employee is using a work vehicle for transporting food.


General Liability Insurance for Restaurants

Restaurants owners are protected financially in the event there is damage or an accident. General liability insurance helps cover claims like legal and medical expenses from customer illness due to food, customer injury on your property, damage by an employee to a customers’ property, slander, libel or copyright issues.

Property & Liability Insurance

This policy covers your business property and it covers any lost income due to business property damage. Your leased space or building is covered under this policy. Property insurance will cover your equipment, tools, and inventory damaged by theft, weather, natural disaster or an employee. If your business has property damage, this policy may cover your expenses to resume business.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have employees, you will need workers’ compensation to cover any lost wages if the employee is hurt/injured while working. It will also cover medical expenses for the employee.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your restaurant makes deliveries or delivers catered food, using vehicles owned by you, then you need commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance provides legal and medical fee coverage if an employee has an accident in your commercial vehicle or if your vehicle gets damaged.

If you own a restaurant or food establishment, give Haller-Zaremba Insurance Agency a call at 516-746-2150, to make sure you have all the insurance you need to be properly protected.

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