Liability Insurance For Plainview, East Meadow, Mineola, Rockville Centre, Williston Park, Huntington, NY, and Surrounding Areas

Businesses rely on liability insurance to protect their livelihood. Accidents and injury may occur on your business property, therefore liability insurance is needed to help cover the damages. Having the proper liability insurance is the key to helping your business, when it needs it most. Request a call from one of our experienced agents today to find out more.


Professional and General Liability Insurance

There are two essential types of liability insurance for businesses in the areas of East Meadow, Mineola, Rockville Centre, Williston Park, Plainview, Huntington Park, and the surrounding areas. They are professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. Property damage, bodily injuries, or any other physical risk is covered by a general liability insurance policy. General liability insurance will also cover legal expenses such as attorney’s fees, court costs, settlements or judgements. If you get sued for damage caused to a client’s property or are accused of slander, libel or copyright infringement, general liability will cover these issues.

Professional liability, also called errors and omissions, covers you and your company if a mistake is made in your professional services. If you are threatened with a third-party lawsuit saying you were negligent in your professional services or didn’t meet your contract, as written, it would be covered under professional liability. Other scenarios covered by professional liability include your business being accused of providing incomplete work, work that is below standard or if omissions were made. In short, general liability will cover physical damages to third parties, and professional liability will cover financial losses, which result from your product or services.


Liability Insurance Services

Protect your business from unexpected lawsuits.

At Haller-Zaremba, we will work with you to make sure you have the right liability insurance coverage to protect your business, regardless of the situation. Whether you interact with clients personally or damage is done to a customer’s property, which occurs at your business or on a job site, it will be covered by general liability insurance. Professional liability is often chosen by businesses such as, consultants, attorneys, engineers, counselors, accountants, real estate agents and more, to protect a business owner, if sued for negligence, including undelivered services, mistakes in work delivered, negligence or missed deadlines. Liability insurance is necessary for companies and businesses in East Meadow, Mineola, Rockville Centre, Williston Park, Plainview, Huntington, NY and the surrounding areas. For more information on liability insurance contact Haller-Zaremba Insurance at 516-746-2150.

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