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Our carriers are some of the most well-known and trusted throughout the Insurance industry. Our team will go to work for you to find the competitive quote you are looking for in small business insurance, commercial property insurance, contractors insurance, and more. Each business owner’s policy can be tailored to meet your company’s needs and can be customized to fit specific business needs. A business owner’s policy works for small to large businesses. Request a call today.


Commercial Insurance for Property

This product pays to repair or replace business property that is stolen, lost, or damaged. It also covers the building, its furniture, supplies, inventory, and equipment.

Businesses that purchase a Commercial Property Insurance policy typically own an office or building, rent an office or storage space and have valuable items such as, computers, equipment, tools and furniture. Commercial Property Insurance can be purchased as a separate policy or as part of a business owner’s policy or Commercial Package Policy.

At Haller-Zaremba Insurance Agency, we work with you to address the risks your business may face.


Business Insurance for Builders and Contractors in Huntington, NYBuilders Risk Insurance Policy

Builders Risk Insurance protects a person’s or organization’s insurable interest in materials, fixtures and equipment awaiting installation or after installation, during the construction or renovation of a building or structure, if those items sustain physical loss or damage from a covered loss.

Builders risk policies can be purchased by multiple people including homeowners/property owners, builders, contractors, development/investment companies, retail companies and school districts. These policies are available for new construction, remodeling and installation.

At Haller-Zaremba Insurance Agency, we help determine your insurance needs and risks. There are multiple options for builder’s risk insurance policies, including policy time frames, new construction and remodeling, coverage for framing, clean-up and debris, financial costs due to delays, project sites and trailers.

Business Owner’s Policy Insurance

Haller-Zaremba Insurance agents will work to find you the right business owner’s policy, worker’s compensation and surety bonds to fit your needs. Haller-Zaremba Insurance Agency takes pride in working with New York business owners to make sure their company is insured properly and can withstand any unforeseen hardships or losses.

A Business Owner’s Policy usually includes:

  • Buildings
  • Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Fixtures

Consider a Business Owner’s Policy

A business insurance policy is created when a business owner’s policy is made up of business property and business liability insurance. Business owner’s insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. This business owner’s policy will cover your business from claims from theft, fire, lawsuits and loss of income, among other covered disasters.

Having coverage over your business and assets is important. Lawsuits against your business can be costly. With the proper business owner’s policy in place, you are covered if someone is injured at your business. If digital assets, customer data, equipment, cash, inventory and furniture are damaged or stolen, a business owner’s policy will cover your losses.


Business Owner’s Policy Options for Long Island, New York and the surrounding areas

Commercial Property Insurance

Helps cover losses of accounts receivable, valuable papers and records.

General Liability Insurance

Assists if you are sued for causing harm to a person or damage to property. It will also cover the cost of your defense.

Professional Liability Insurance

Helps cover you from claims such as negligent acts, errors and omissions, malpractice and misrepresentation in professional services.

Workers’ Compensation

Is necessary for businesses with employees. It will cover an employee’s income if out of work due to a covered injury or illness.
This will also cover an employee’s medical costs in case of a work-related injury, illness or death.

Contractors Insurance

Contractors in New York face many challenges when it comes to State and City labor laws, insurance requirements, contracts, and working environments. Make sure you look out for these common Contractor insurance exclusions, so you are covered when you need it most.

Contractors’ insurance coverage protects your business from work related accidents, lawsuits, and other liabilities. Contractors and subcontractors should carry commercial insurance which protects your business. Contractors insurance coverages include:

General Liability Insurance:

This liability insurance will protect you from most claims that would arise from day-to-day activities. This includes the activity of running a business and the type of accidents that would occur at a job site.

Tools and Equipment:

Hand tools are normally covered on a blanket basis with no list or schedule. No item can exceed $500 in value. Equipment Insurance will protect your larger tools and equipment such as welders, generators, nail guns, and other expensive portable equipment.

Builders Risk:

C.O.C (Course of Construction) Physical damage insurance for property under construction. Lenders will require it before issuing construction financing.

Workers’ Compensation:

Contractors are responsible for providing this coverage for employees.

Business Auto Insurance:

Personal auto policies exclude autos used for commercial and business purposes and would require coverage on a policy designed for such use. If you use your car for business, be sure you have the right policy and coverage is not excluded.

Labor Law Exclusions:

In New York, many insurance companies will apply exclusions for liability arising from employee injuries. These are frequently referred to as an Employer’s Liability Exclusions or Labor Law Exclusions. It is important to have coverage for these scenarios as most liability suits made against contractors result from work related injuries. In most instances, employees cannot sue their employers directly for work related injuries. However, in addition to collecting workers compensation benefits, an employee can bring legal action against third parties related to the building or project.  Commonly known as a Third-Party Action Over suit, these law suits are a type of multiple-party liability claim.  These claims are brought on by an employee that is injured on a job and alleges that the injury results from a violation of New York Labor Law 240 (“Scaffolding Law”) or 241 (“Safe Place to Work Law”). Both laws place liability on property owners, contractors, and other construction companies which are deemed responsible for maintaining a safe workplace under these laws. These types of claims are extraordinarily complex and often result in multi-million-dollar settlements.

Contractual Liability Exclusions:

In the world of construction contracts, there are common clauses that require one party to assume the liability of another party. These clauses are known as “Indemnity Agreements” or “Hold Harmless Agreements” make it a contractual requirement that one party covers, defends, or reimburses the other party against lawsuits or claims brought against them. Generally speaking, this becomes part of an insured contract, however, if your policy has an exclusion for contractual liability you may not be covered should a claim arise.

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